Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Attention all you TJ Maxx "Fashionistas" out there, I need your help! I found this dress last night at TJ Maxx in Rogers, but it was not my size. Please help! If you happen to stop by your lovely local store, could you please do a quick search? The designer is Lilly Pulitzer, the dress is navy with a green print, 3/4 sleeves, and the length goes just to the knees. I think I could wear either a 10 or 12. It retails for $268 (yikes!), I found it on eBay for $80-$124 (better...), but at the wonderful TJ it was only $60 (yippee!). I will of course pay you back. This dress would be perfect for upcoming showers or a rehearsal dinner. Please let me know via this blog, my email, or phone call if anyone makes any progress in this area! Finally, I'm sorry I didn't post a picture of this dress, but I couldn't find any good pictures to copy and paste. Happy dress hunting!


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