Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Despite gentle urgings from my sweet fiance and queries from out-of-town guests, I've been reluctant to post information about our wedding registry for the following reasons:
1) We don't have a house yet!
2) I don't know what our finished house is going to look like!
3) How can we pick out furnishings and colors for a house that does not exist?

However, because "registering for gifts" is listed on Martha Stewart's Wedding Planner under "four to six months ahead," we persevered and registered! Important note: these registries (especially the ones at the larger stores) are subject to change, for the reasons above.

For those of you value brevity, we're registered Target and Dillard's. In Booneville, we registered at The Gathering Place, Jacque's, and Smee Drug Store. In Russellville, we're registered at The Copper Pig.

Now, for those of you who want "the rest of the story," read on...

Even though there is no house, we're still gathering house plans and paint colors. Below are some paint colors we like (these are darker in this picture, but it gives you an idea):
Thus far, we're thinking the big yellow color for the kitchen, the blue for the master bathroom, the small brown-ish color for the walls, the middle color for ceilings, and the lightest color for trim.

I've been looking and looking (instead of grading!) for bedding sets we like, and I send a huge shout-out to my sister for her help in brainstorming and mixing-and-matching ideas. So far, we LOVE this Duncan Stripe from Pottery Barn:
Hopefully, it's a compromise of fun colors (for me!) and simple stripes (for Michael). Now, according to Clinton and Stacy, this duvet cover has two components of a great outfit: color and pattern. The other two components? So glad you asked: texture and sheen. We found these two elements in the bee-yoo-ti-ful Rosette bedding from Anthropologie:
I'm thinking (actually, this is my sister's idea, so I'm giving her credit) that we can incorporate these pillows and fold the duvet at the bottom of the bed.

That's all I have for now... I'd love advice from people who have trodden this path before!


The Stay Family said...

Hi Laura,
Congratulations (a little late but I just found out via your sister's blog link to yours) We're so happy and excited for you :)
David and Laurie Stay

AshWad said...

I throughly enjoy your logic and reasoning behind your color palette and choosing for the bedding. More importantly - I love your taste!!! SUPER DUPER UBER cuteness! Your house is going to be gorGEous! Love you friend!

Cara Akin said...

I LOVE the color palette, Laur!!! The wall colors, the bedding, all of it! So great! I totally understand the stress of registering under the "hello...not sure what we will need for our house!" THat can be tricky..thank goodness for switching things around online! You are doing great! You have wonderful taste, my dear...it'll be awesome!

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