Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So I realized that I'm really going to enjoy blogging when it hit me that I can use these ramblings as an outlet for my ever-running inner monologue. You know, those thoughts that float through your head like, "I wish my life had it's own soundtrack" or "What would it feel like to jump through the trees like on Avatar?" And you think you're the only person who would ever think something so silly, until you work up the nerve to reveal your craziness to a close a friend, and then you realize you're both in the same boat.

In that spirit, I have a confession: I LOVE the show Hoarders. Michael rolls his eyes and would rather watch Pawn Stars (not a bad show, I must say). But I'm fascinated by the series of events that led this person to this place in his/her life. Then, it's interesting to watch how each person deals with the purging process, whether focusing on small items and issues rather than the mounds of trash trapping them inside, or making loads of progress only to be stopped dead in their tracks by a piece of the past.

And there is a small fear in me (confession #2) that the mound of clothes piling up just outside my closet door could be an indication of hoarding-tendencies to come. But, on the bright side, this mound and its crumpled contents have taught me an important new skill: how to "iron" with neither an iron nor a board (confession #3). You've probably already figured out this trick, but, for all my fellow non-homemakers or lazy girls out there, I feel I must share. Spread out the item to be de-wrinkled, either on a flat surface such as a dryer top or on your body (i.e. wearing it). Spray the item, not to soaking, just damp, with the ever-trusty Febreeze. Finally, and this step is key, set your blow-dryer to it's hottest setting, and blow at the item until it's dry and wrinkle-free! Warning: if you choose to put on the garment, then spray, then blow, the air can get way too hot and hurt your skin quickly, so pull the fabric away from your skin before blowing directly onto the item.

I don't see this technique working on any of my fiance's uniforms, but for a ruffle on a skirt or a comfy grey t-shirt, this is the way to go for me!


Mandy said...

Now, that's a great tip! Next time you catch a whiff of febreeze as I walk into a room, you'll know that I just pulled my outfit out of my very own mound of clothes piling up just outside my closet door! :)

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