Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Did "At Home in Arkansas" read my mind?

So, in the weeks since my last post, much has happened in the lives of Michael and Laura:
1) Michael's mom had surgery to remove a heal spur (muy painful!), so we spent a weekend hanging out in Russellville with family and friends (holla Jenny and Anderson bros!).
2) February 19 marked the one-year anniversary of our first date! Crazy to think about everything that has changed and that we've experienced in that year. God has been so good to us!
3) Michael and I got to spend some fun quality time with the super-cute Bakers, Brian, my sister Mandy, Meg, Ben, and Eli. (check out my sis's ultra-cute blog, part of the inspiration for this blog, at The Life of Us, and her home-business blog at Three Tea Design).

A couple of my exciting moments came as I was browsing the pages of At Home in Arkansas. In a previous blog, I discussed my trepidation at trying to decorate a house that does not even exist for us now. The home and decor magazine featured Fiesta, the everyday ware for which we registered, as a collection that "spans the decades with modern style." (To read the full article online, see Colorful Collecting.) Yaa! We are on the right track! Relief and happiness role into one to create a delicious hot fudge sundae of satisfaction in my heart and head.

As if this affirmation were not enough, At Home in Arkansas topped off my sundae with a cherry in their feature Northwest for the New Year, in which they featured a weekend's worth of activities in Rogers and Bentonville. Mandy and I wanted to include some fun things to do in NWA the wedding invitations we're creating, and the magazine just did the legwork for us! Of course, as a good English teacher, I shall not plagiarize, but I'll certainly use the January/February issue as a major resource!

P.S. & disclaimer: Do I need to include that my future-sister-in-law Mandy Keener works for At Home in Arkansas as the Art Director? So, of course I'm partial. Moreover, I think she has an awesome job, and I've seen first-hand the hours of hard work she dedicates to her job. Thus, I really don't care if my blog isn't totally objective. It's just a really fun issue!


Mich said...

Can't go wrong with Fiesta!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm having so much fun with these invitations!!!

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